Sunday, January 9, 2011
Dear TV Guide Channel,

Do you all remember back in the day, when you, the TV Guide Channel, were actually for seeing what's on TV?  You showed about 8 channels at a time, and scrolled continuously, and it only took a couple minutes to get through all the channels and back to the beginning. 

Then, slowly, almost going unnoticed (but not by me!), you started to cut down on the amount of space for the TV Guide, and increasing the space for advertisements.  Then, you started putting actual programming on .  Now, there is only one show at the very bottom of your screen!  And it takes like 15 minutes to get through everything.  Totally inefficient!

I know, I know.  People can just use their little guide button on their digital cable and see what's on.  But, some of us don't have digital cable.  And can't do that.

TV Guide channel, come on now.  Have some respect for your lot in life.  No one watches you for the "programming".  Give it up, and just tell the people what's on TV. 

Your formerly faithful, now disgruntled and disappointed watcher,


Anonymous said...

I don't have digital cable either, but at least my TV guide channel plays Weeds! It still takes forever to get through the channels, but at least I'm entertained in the mean time!

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