Sunday, January 16, 2011
It's time to start gearing up for the road season (hehe, pun intended..).  The first race isn't for another month or so (it's still gonna be FREEEZING), but we took a team photo this morning, which means I officially feel like I should haul my lazy butt outside into the cold and put some miles in on the road.  To motivate myself, I put some new tires on my bike, which don't hold up well to the trainer.  Which means I actually HAVE to go outside.  Even if it's cold.  Brrrr.  Say hi to the team! 

To get ready for the season, I decided to give my bike a nice bath today.  While it wasn't too dirty since it hasn't been outside much, it was definitely a little dusty from sitting inside all winter.  I tried to snag some nifty pictures, but there is basically no natural light in my apartment, which makes it tricky.  I got a couple I was decently happy with, although they weren't what I envisioned.  I needed light!!

Still kinda nifty.  Now, my bike is clean and my hands are covered in grease... whoops!

I'm off to eat Thai food with a friend! 


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