Thursday, January 13, 2011
Earlier in the fall, a friend and I decided to tackle the Virginia Creeper trail on our cyclocross bikes.  During the ride, we passed an old snack bar sort of place, with a crazy castle on top, and decided to take a picture to commemorate our epic journey.  The only thing in front of the castle/snack bar was a field.  So I needed a way to set the camera up to use the timer.  This is what I came up with...
Two chairs, a frying pan, and my hydration pack...
Needless to say, this setup was a failure.  Creative, but a failure.  The pictures were crooked, the camera kept sliding off, and it just wasn't doing the job.  Although I'm pretty sure we entertained everyone on the trail as we tried to set it up.

So, when we got back from the trip (which also included some high quality camping and hiking), I decided I needed something... better.

And I ended up with the Joby GorillaPod.  While there are many on the market, the Joby is the original flexible tripod, and the one I read the best reviews about, so I went with it.  And it rocks.  I got the original for point and shoot cameras, but they also make one for SLRs if you have one of those! 

The point of this thing is that you can set your camera up anywhere and it'll sit there, and you can take your picture.  And it works.  You can put it pretty much anywhere.  I'll show you some examples shortly.  But first, lets go over the features of the GorillaPod that I like.
  • Lightweight:  I don't notice that I'm carrying it. 
  • Flexible: The lets move all over the place.  Easily.
  • Grippy:  Each color stripe is made of grippy rubber as are the feet, allowing it to stick even to smooth surfaces. 
  • Easy to mount:  The threaded clip that screws into your camera detaches easily to make puting the camera on and taking it off fast and simple.  It also locks so the camera doesn't accidentally detach when you are using it.
I don't have any pictures of it in use outside because, well, I don't take an extra camera to take pictures OF my camera.  But at home, I do that.  Yes, yes I do.  So here are some GorillaPod simulations to show you how well it works!
Chillin' out on the desk.  Compare to: field, or flat rock.

Eyeing me from the pull up bar.  Compare to: tree branch.

I've always needed to take a picture from my ceiling fan....

Take a picture from the KitchenAid mixer?  Of course!

Defying gravity on the wall?  You bet.  Gravity is no match. 

Check out the grippy feet!  I picked green because I like color. 

Fire place: Hold on tight!  Maybe I'll catch Santa using it next year...

Oh, don't mind me.  I'm just a creepy little camera hanging out here on the edge of the molding. 
So, as you can see, you can take pictures from anywhere using this little dude.  Granted, that might not have all been... practical.  But it sure did show off what it can do!

So, if you have a camera.

And you've tried to take a self portrait by putting your camera on two old chairs, a hydration pack, and a frying pain.

And have failed. 

Then you should get yourself a GorillaPod.

And find crazy places to hang it. 

Just because you can.

Adventure on,


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