Thursday, January 13, 2011
As a sign that my medical school career is soon coming to a close, I cleared out some shelf space today and sold all the books they would take back to Amazon.  I probably could have sold them individually and made a little more money, but I was in the mood for a quick fix.  And I could put them all in a box, print a shipping label, and send them away.  Now, they are gone. 

And I have shelf space.

And a bunch of amazon credit.

Which meanssssss, I have some amazon credit to spend!  I would put it towards my loans, or credit card, or something like that, I really would.  But I can't.  It's store credit.  So I gotta buy something.  But not it haste.  It can sit there for a long time and won't go anywhere.  Too bad it doesn't earn interest.

I didn't want to talk about stuff again, because my last few posts have been about stuff.  But then Sarah wrote about her birthday wish list, and asked what was on everyone else's wish list... Soooo, I figured it was my duty to answer her question.

Ergo, I give you my Amazon "I have money from medical school books and Swagbucks and wouldn't buy this with other money" wish list...

1.  Tubbs Wilderness Women's Snowshoes:  For snow hiking and backcountry fun, these snowshoes would be perfect for frolicking in fresh powder, climbing a mountain, or other general winter exploring.  I've got the snowshoe bug, and it's kinda like the bed bug.  Unless you have professionals, high heat, and lots of chemicals, it ain't going away.  So it's STILL on the wish list.  Even with spring (eventually) coming...

2.  Atlas Elektra 10 Series Snowshoes:  These are the Atlas equivalent of the Tubbs listed above.  I do realize that I don't need TWO pairs of snowshoes.  So if one comes off the list due to ownership, the other comes off the list due to the fact that I only have two feet and therefore don't need four snowshoes.  That being said, I can't decide which ones I like better.  They are both good for hiking, with variable terrain.  Most stuff on the east coast would be game in these babies.  I'd probably fall off Mt. Rainier though.  Which would probably hurt.

3.  Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots:  The fact is, I don't need snow boots.  I have a pair in PA that I repeatedly forget to bring back to NC with me.  Useful, I know.  But this is a wish list.  So I can put anything I want on it.  And these are functional and adorable, which is an excellent combination.  They are toasty warm, waterproof, tall, and well reviewed.  If you buy winter boots that aren't both warm AND waterproof, you are doofy.  When I do need new snow boots, these will likely still be on my wish list.  And them I will get them.  But if YOU need snow boots, get these.  They come in many colors.

4.  Le Creuset Ogive Tea Kettle in Cobalt Blue: This tea kettle, which happens to be the same color as my blue dutch oven, would be the first non-electric tea kettle I ever owned.  Sad, I know!  While electric tea kettles were super handy in college, where I had one in my dorm room and one in my office, I've moved on in life.  I now have a stove.  Therefore, I believe I should have a tea kettle that heats water on a stove.  And this one is unique, colorful, and slanty.  Things I think most people look for in a tea kettle...  It's just dreamy.

5.  Brooks Ravenna Running Shoe:  This isn't really fun so much as necessary.  Soon, I will be needing a new pair of running shoes.  The ones I have now are getting a little worn.  That tends to happen when you wear them.  And I know that if I wear running shoes past their life, I get little blisters on the tips of my toes.  It's very uncomfortable, and I prefer to avoid it.  I'd hate to spend my wish list money on something I "need", but such is life. 

6.  Park Tools Home Mechanic Starter Kit:  Did you know that, even if you WANT to work on your bike by yourself, and you have bought an excellent book on HOW to work on your bike by yourself, you must have many many tools to actually do it.  This kit, while far from comprehensive (and definitely not the master super awesome mechanic from bike heaven kit), it would give me a great start to be able to do a little work on my bikes by myself.  Sounds like a good time to me!

Okay, so there you have it.  My 6 item wish list for my Amazon spending money.  Any votes on what I should pick???  I'm thinking tea kettle and tool kit.  I could get them both, donchaknow.  Sales and free shipping rock.


Sarah @ The Strength of Faith said...

I didn't know you could sell books on Amazon ...

Kari said...

Oh, you can. Go to your account, and then on the right it says "trade in"... they take textbooks and anything used academically. Depending on the age of the book... anything outdated by more than one edition is a no go, but everything else is game! :)

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