Monday, January 17, 2011
It may seem strange to have a scheduled date with your roommate... but we are both very busy young women!  So, today, we scheduled ourselves a nice little baking date.

New mixer + cookies + chick flick = a good day.

We busted out the always-reliable cookie bible and chose a new recipe: cappuccino swirls.  Who doesn't love a little bit of chocolate and a little bit of coffee in their cookies? 

The fact is, I am not a food blogger.  I don't ever remember to take pictures of food while I'm making it, and I rarely make things worth talking about.  So I only have the after pictures.  But I'll give you some factoids about the process, and you can imagine what might have been happening in our kitchen. 
  1. Butter takes too long to come to room temperature when you don't think ahead.  Microwaving butter NEVER ends well, so we just went ahead with cold.  It worked out fine, with a little extra mixing.
  2. CVS doesn't sell corn starch.  And we need a grocery store closer to our apartment.
  3. The swirl part of "cappuccino swirl" requires piping.  Our batter/dough was a bit thick for our piping liking (probably due to the cold butter...).  So we went with the "ball and flatten" method.  Seemed to work fine.
  4. Flicking chocolate only works if you have thin chocolate.  White chocolate doesn't melt as well as high quality dark chocolate.  One might resort to piping the white chocolate in this instance.  One might also cut too small a hole in the piping bag, and have it blow up on top of a cookie, drowning it in semi-solid white chocolate.  All hypothetical, of course...
  5. Flicking thin high quality melted dark chocolate may result in finding chocolate all over your kitchen...
Okay, so now for the final results!

Giant pile'o cookies.  With oodles of chocolate.

They turned out tasty.  They're a bit dry... kind of crumbly, not crunchy like biscotti.  With milk or coffee they are DELISH.  Without, it's kind of like eating 15 tremendously delicious saltines and trying to whistle.  But you don't want to whistle, because you don't want to lose those few tasty crumbs...

And we watched Leap Year.  And Jen did her nails.  Roomie date day: Success.

Tomorrow, class starts.  And my new bike comes.  Should be a good day!



Jen said...

And then Chris said you left me "too wound up" and that you must find a way to curb the energy and spite that I have after such roomie dates... hahaha!

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