Monday, January 10, 2011
Use them like chopsticks to eat leftover salmon and brussels sprouts in lieu of a fork.


I had a delicious interview dinner tonight in Columbus, including this salmon, blue cheese and something mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts.  I only ate about half of it at dinner (so I had room for dessert), but now I'm hungry again.  That's what happens when I run 5 miles right before dinner...

But I have no utensils here in my hotel room...
And I didn't want to use my fingers.
Enter, coffee stirrers.  They're a little floppy but work just fine.

Now that I've shared that with all of you, I'm going to enjoy my leftovers while watching Oregon and Auburn beat each other up. 


PS.  It's supposed to snow 4-6" here tomorrow... I wonder if I'm going to make it from Ohio back to NC as planned....

PPS.  I would really prefer the vegetable be called "brussel sprouts", not "brussels sprouts".  But google tells me it ain't so...  It's actually Brussels with a capital "B",  but I refuse to capitalize a vegetable.

PPPS.  I know I violated all 10 of The Pioneer Woman's rules of food photography.  But I'm in a hotel room, at night, with only a camera phone.  And I'm taking a picture of coffee stirrers.  Hard to make it sexy, people.


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