Tuesday, January 11, 2011
I don't generally make new years resolutions, but this year I decided to make one that was reasonable, practical, and achievable.  I resolved to not buy anything over $10 without thinking about it for at least 24 hours first.  The goal is to prevent me from ending up with things simply because they are a good deal.  I have no money, and I have no income.  So it's important not to spend any money... logical, right?

With this all being said, WHY do I even go to the website http://www.bonktown.com/????  If you're not familiar, it's a site that gives a great deal on one piece of cycling gear at a time, and gives you a limited amount of time to buy it.  Usually, you have about 30 minutes before the next item comes up.  So you have to decide!  Fast!  It totally goes against the new years resolution.  Why do I go?  Most of the time, it's stuff that's not appealing to me.  Mens clothing, wheelsets I don't need and can't afford, energy drink mixes that I already have enough of...  But sometimes, there is something perfect.  And then it's Bonktown vs. New Years Resolution.  Today, NYR won.  Woot Woot.  I just hope the item comes up again... because then it will have been over 24 hours, and I'm all over it.  What is this item, you ask?  And why do I want it?  And why am I going to allow myself to get it?

Well, first we must rewind to December.  I came back from Portland to find, tragically, that my cyclocross bike had been stolen!  It had been locked up on my porch, and someone had picked the lock and taken it.  My baby.  Punks.  I was very very very angry.  I stomped around the neighborhood to see if anyone was stupid enough to put a stolen bike with bright yellow bar tape on their porch (no luck), talked to my apartment people, filed a police report, checked Craigslist, and finally reported it to my renters insurance company. 

Luckily, I HAVE renters insurance (for a mere $75 a year), and they will cover the bike (sans $250 deductible), including (thanks to my very helpful bike shop) all the upgrades I recently made to it (wheels, pedals, carbon bottle cages).  So, the money is in the mail, sans depreciation value, which I will get back when I submit a receipt for the replacement bike.

Okay, so back to Bonktown.  I flipped open my computer today when I got back to the hotel, and what should appear on Bonktown, but this.

A Blue CX6.5 Apex at a fantastic Bonktown price, within the reimbursement cost of my bike that was stollen.  Ohhhhhh, how I wanted to buy it.  Immediately.  But, I didn't.  I talked to a friend who said he'd seen it up a couple times before (meaning it's likely to reappear).  So I checked out some reviews, looked at sizing, and it had expired by the time I went back to check.  Phew.  Crisis averted. 

Now, if this item comes up again, I will likely get it.  It would be an excellent replacement for the cyclocross bike I lost, would be comparable in function to my old one, and I wouldn't spend money outside what my reimbursement would be.  Score.  The only downside is my bike shop won't get the business...

But look how pretty it is!!  Especially after I put some lime green bar tape on it. 

And I will NOT be storing my new bike (whatever I end up with) outside. 

And when I move, I will be needing a garage or a basement.

And buy renters insurance.

The end.


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