Monday, January 24, 2011
Hello, world.  It's been a few days.  Sorry about that.

Yesterday was a busy day!  And like all the best made plans, it got shot to ___ shortly after I made it!  I headed over to Starbucks at about 9AM.  It would have been 15 minutes earlier, but some raccoon decided it would be good fun to totally destroy the garbage bag I'd put out by my door.  So I spent some time picking up garbage strewn about, and then some more time thawing/scrubbing my hand of garbage/raccoon germs.

After I spent some time reading at Starbucks, I headed over to the Y to work out a bit, then went over to the undergrad campus to play basketball.  As I was driving onto campus, I noticed by vision was getting a little... blurry.  And I couldn't really see much to my right.  That's pretty much universally a sign of an impending migraine for me.  But I decided to go play basketball anyway.  So I did that for about 45 minutes until I had to go to the law library for a group meeting.  It was all downhill from there.  About 30 minutes into the meeting, I realized I was not going to evade a migraine, and decided to leave for darker lands.  But I couldn't drive home because I couldn't really see... or look up.  So I went over to student health, who isn't really allowed to treat medical students.  But I knew some of the nurses working there, and asked if I could just lay down for a bit in an exam room since driving wasn't really safe, and I had nowhere else to go.  They kindly let me, and gave me lots of ibuprofen.  By that point, I felt like this.
For those of you who have never had a migraine, let me give you a description.  Half your head feels like it might blow up.  It hurts to lay on that side, or the other side.  And you'd really like to fall asleep, in the dark.  But you're too nauseous to be comfortable enough to fall asleep.  And you can't move, really at all, or you will be more nauseous.  And I can't really see when I get mine.  And the only way to make it go away is to sleep... for hours.  And then you feel hungover for about 24 hours.  And it's crappy.

I used to only get them about twice a year, when I got really overtired.  But lately, I've been getting them about monthly.  And that's just not okay.  So it's time I get my butt to the doctors and get some abortive meds (that you take at the start and prevent it from becoming a migraine).  I really should do that...

So, to continue my saga, I slept in student health for a few hours, and then I went home to get ready for my interview dinner.  I really debated going, but decided to give it a whirl (I was only 2 minutes from home, so I could always leave...).  I think eating something did me good (I hadn't eaten anything except a couple saltines since breakfast), and I started to feel better as dinner went on.

After dinner, I went to bed.  Yes, it was 9PM.  I don't care.  That's the other thing I do after migraines.  Sleep.  Once I came home, slept from 10AM until 5PM, woke up, ate some soup, and slept until the next morning.  Blah.  So, I went to bed and decided I would wake up earlier to get ready for my interview today.

Luckily, I actually woke up in time to get my suit out and put it on.  Then I got my interview on, and now I'm DONE!!!!! 

All that's left is to decide where I want to go.  Gulp.

I still don't feel normal, so I think I'm going to have a lazy night at home, and then go to bed early.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to normal!



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