Friday, January 21, 2011
Alternatively titled "The New Blue is Black (and White)"

But that's just not as catchy.  And everyone knows you need a catchy title! 

Good news!  My new bike has arrived, been sized, assembled, given pedals and a water bottle cage, and been safely placed in my living room.  You wanna see it?  It looks way cooler in real life than it did in the pictures... and it looked pretty durn nifty in the pictures. 

Yeah, not the greatest picture, I know.  But there aren't lots of places to put a bike that will have a nice backdrop.  Sorry.  Want some niftier pictures?  Yes?  Okay, here you go!

The frame is much more geometric than traditional aluminum round frames. The top tube is oval for shoulder carrying comfort, and the frame overall is a little more substantial (although not heavier) than my old one. That was hard to appreciate from the pictures. The components have a sharp black finish which looks great with the frame colors. I'm definitely going to have to get used to the double tap system of the SRAM Apex components though.

I must admit, I haven't taken it out for a test ride yet.  But in my defense, I only brought it home 24 hours ago.  This weekend is looking promising, though!  And, thanks to the good deal I found online and the fantastic support of our killer bike shop, Ken's Bike Shop, I made out under budget for the replacement... now that's a good day's work. 
Okay, enough chit chat about the new toy... I must get back to reading about medical malpractice. 
Peace out,


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