Friday, February 11, 2011
Sorry for my TWO DAY absence.  I was busy.  Going to the circus.  And finishing my 10th ROTATION!  That's right.  Ten 4th year rotations town, and two to go.  That's simply craziness.

If we flash back to this post from May 3rd, I was in my first rotation and said time would fly.  I was right!  Let's get back to the countdown, so I can cross some more things off.

Kari's 4th year schedule

April-May : Peds ICU
May-June : Step 2 study block
June : Vacation in Michigan
June-July : Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
July-August : Emergency Medicine
August-September : Othopedics (Trauma/Ankle)
September-October : Family Medicine
October-November : Burn Surgery
November-December : Campus Medicine @ WFU
December-January : Vacation/Interviews
January-February : Law in Medicine
February-March : Sports Medicine
March : MATCH DAY!!!
March-April : Community Medicine
April-May : Senior Seminar

We've already gotten information about fittings for graduation regalia, match day, and graduation weekend.  Which pretty much means we're done. 



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