Monday, May 3, 2010
It's been almost two month's since my last post, which is unacceptable. Here's what's happened in the interval:

- I started and finished my pediatrics rotation, the last rotation of third year.
- I saw multiple children who were victims of "non-accidental trauma" or child abuse, the subject of a post soon to come.
- I started running and riding my bike again, albeit VERY slowly.
- Spring arrived!
- I cooked a LOT of dinners with my friend Betsy.
- I filled up my gas tank 5 times.
- I rewore a bridemaids dress for a different occasion (ALWAYS a big accomplishment!)
- I put sweet new blue bar tape on my bike (and it got it's yearly tune-up)
- I met my yearly deductible for my healthcare for the year...
- I bought a webcam and downloaded Skype so I can talk to friends across oceans.
- My little sister turned 21!
- I started my 4th (and final!) year of medical school!!!!!

I think that hits all the high points :) So, most importantly, I started my first rotation of 4th year in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Tomorrow's post will give you the details of my first day. For now, I will give you the summary of the next year of my life, and say that I am EXTREMELY excited about it!

Kari's 4th year schedule

April-May : Peds ICU
May-June : Step 2 study block
June : Vacation in Michigan
June-July : Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
July-August : Emergency Medicine
August-September : Othopedics (Trauma/Ankle)
September-October : Family Medicine
October-November : Burn Surgery
November-December : Campus Medicine @ WFU
December-January : Vacation/Interviews
January-February : Law in Medicine
February-March : Sports Medicine
March : MATCH DAY!!!
March-April : Community Medicine
April-May : Senior Seminar

And then, I'm a doctor. Watch for the stories that will unfold between now and then!



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