Friday, May 28, 2010
I can't study at home.  Period.  I don't know why, but I've never been able to.  In college, I had not one but TWO offices that I studied in.  Home is and was for relaxing... reading... eating... doing laundry... watching TV.  All sorts of things that distract me from studying if I try to do it at home.  So, I've spent most of my medical school career studying at a Starbucks up the road.  I spent more time there than most of the employees when I was studying for Step 1.  I've learned that you MUST bring a sweatshirt, because it's always cold, even if it's 90 outside.  I've learned that at 8AM, it's faster to park and go inside than go through the drive through.  And that at 8AM, NO ONE knows how to drive in that parking lot.  I've tried every kind of coffee they have, and sampled every pastry.  I have "my corner" know every possible way to arrange the furniture.  I know all the employees, and have become friends with some.  It's a very comfortable place to study... and it's not home.

BUT, the other day I decided to try the study at home thing again... mostly because my schedule was all messed up and I didn't want to drive back and forth a million times.  So, I set up camp outside on the patio, and shockingly, I was productive!  I think it had something to do with being outside surrounded by plants, with music playing, and sun shining, and not being INSIDE the apartment.  But someone wanted to foil my productivity.  Guesses as to who?  Yes, that's right.  Alien cat.  Here are some pictures of his attempts to entertain me while I was trying to study. 

Smelling the flowers...
I got up to do something... and he took my seat.
Wyatt discovered we have neighbors above us... he was very intrigued.
Plant squisher.

Surprisingly, as hard as he tried to distract me, I was still productive.  This may be the start of something beautiful...


Anonymous said...

MY FLOWERS!!!!! CURSE YOU, ALIEN CAT!!! - the appalled roommate.

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