Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Ok, maybe that's NOT the key to success... but it's certainly the key to happiness!  When you've got three weeks of nothing but staring at books and the computer screen, getting outside in verrrry important!  So, today for lunch, Betsy and I got some tasty Thai food and took it to Reynolda Park for a picnic.  There's not much better than sun, grass, and yellow curry.  Here's a picture complements of Betsy's blackberry.  Look past me to the green grass and blue sky!  I think that if I took thair food study breaks every day, my life would be much improved... although I would be poor and fail Step 2.  So, I suppose I can limit to once a week or so.

In other news, I can now run/cycle/do anything without restriction!  You may recall my Being A Patient Sucks post about my tragic intramural soccer injury.  Since then I have been pretty limited in the activity I can do by pain and the logical assumption that if it's all busted up inside (which it is), and it hurts, I probably am making it worse.  I went to see orthopedics yesterday, and he said give it another 6 weeks at full activity.  If it's still giving me problems then, we will probably scope it and consider fixing the cartilage lesion that's probably the source of my pain.  So while it still hurts to do most things, I can go as hard as I can and see if it gets better or worse, with the theory being if's it's not good enough for me at maximum activity, it's just not good enough.  I still get frustrated that the pain hasn't gone away, but at least I have an end point now, and a reason to push it rather than a reason to baby it.  Hellooooo, running!  How I've missed you. 

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