Sunday, May 23, 2010
I have this nasty habit of buy books every time I walk into a bookstore... even when I have a stack of them at home I haven't read.  So I'm making it my goal to work through all the books I've bought but not read.  I'm already two down, but there are many more to go!  The rules are simple.  Read the books I have before buying more.  I can't buy a new book until I've read an old one, and the new one goes at the end of the stack.  You can keep track of my progress on the left hand column.  If there are books you think I should add to my list, let me know!



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I am a Family Medicine intern at a community hospital in Indiana, navigating the new world of being a physician. I am privileged to work in a field I love, where every day is a new and unpredictable challenge.
I am not only a doctor, but also a cyclist, runner, DIYer in the making, lover of the outdoors, traveler, and human.
Human, MD is a glimpse into the world of a young doctor who is just trying to stay true to herself through the grueling whirlwind of residency.


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