Thursday, February 3, 2011
I really had no intention of writing about synonyms.  I want to write about breakfast.  And in the search for the perfect title, I needed a synonym for "fancy" because "Fancy Breakfast"  didn't have the ring I wanted it to.  Neither did ornate, sumptuous, elaborate, deluxe, or elegant. 

And then I found baroque.  Sure, it doesn't really have the MEANING that I wanted.  But it has a nice ring to it.

Baroque Breakfast.  Lovely.

Now, on to what I actually made for breakfast that would quality as "baroque" (really, fancy).  Well, I made a spinach, onion, and goat cheese omelet.  In my world, if you use goat cheese for anything, it counts as fancy.  Especially when combining it with sauteed spinach.  And we're not talking enough spinach to add green flecks.  This is like a whole serving of veggies amount of spinach.  FOR BREAKFAST! 

Here's how I made it.  You should try it.  If you like goat cheese.  Some people don't, and I'm sad for them.

In small saute pan, add a bit of olive oil and heat over medium heat.  Add about a quarter of an onion chopped, and saute for a couple minutes.  Add a few handfulls of spinach to the pan, reduce to medium/low heat, and cover.  Saute for a few minutes, until sufficiently wilted.  Take out of pan and put aside.  In a cup, mix up a couple eggs and a couple splashes of milk, a bit of salt, and pepper.  Pour into the pan (on med/low heat).  Add the spinach.onion mix to one half.  Cover the pan and cook until egg is almost set.  Slice (or crumble) goat cheese over non-spinachy half.  Reduce to low heat and cover until cheese is softened and egg is fully cooked.  Fold in half.  Put on plate.  Eat.  Enjoy.

And that, my friends, is how you make a Baroque Breakfast.


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