Monday, February 7, 2011
So that I can go hiking on Monday's all the time.

Okay, so maybe this isn't a realistic goal... especially since it's hard to pay the bills making $-36,947 a year.  But I have every intention of enjoying it while I can!  I planned on hiking Hanging Rock earlier this weekend, but due to weather and heating issues, I had to postpone it until today.

So this morning, after insuring that the heat guy really was going to come today, I headed to Hanging Rock State Park with my friend Chris, and his dog, Cash.  It was overcast and damp, but warm enough that it didn't really matter.  The hike is a little over 4 miles round trip, with enough steep uphill to get your heart rate up, and a great view at the top!

There wasn't much picture taking happening today because, well, it's winter and it's cloudy, so there's not much to take pictures of!  But I did snag a view pictures from the top!  Sorry the view isn't as good as it is when it's clear...

East of the fire tower.
Northwest from the fire tower.
Allways... More love than always. 
Fire tower stairs.  Well, we think it's a fire tower...
Geological Marker... I love these things!
I don't really know what Chris was doing... I think it involved lunch.
Yes, I brought coffee on my hike.  I had to test the thermos.  Check out the gear review on it for details!
 I <3 hiking.



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