Tuesday, February 1, 2011
In today's installment of "Things That Make Me Happy", we're going to talk about bedroom slippers.  Specifically, MY bedroom slippers.  Because it would be strange if someone else's bedroom slippers made me extraordinarily happy...

Here are the slippers.  And I love them.  I bought these at the Nine West outlet in Boone when they were going out of business.  First of all, who doesn't love getting $50 slippers for $9.99?  And they have faux fur lining and pink suede bowties and are made of real leather.  And they are SUPER warm! 

Here's how these slippers work.  I usually take shower when I get home from the gym.  Then I get out of the shower, and put on my slippers.  I put on clothes too, but this blog post isn't about clothes.  And then, my feet stay warm.  Sometimes, I have to go out to my car.  And my feet stay warm.  Sometimes, I have to chase Wyatt because he's caught a birdie and wants to present it to me as a very sincere and yet unwanted gift.  And my feet stay warm.  Sometimes, I just sit on the couch.  And my feet stay warm.

And then, when I go to bed, I safely tuck them under my nightstand (because they'd get lost in the covers if I tried to wear them to bed...).  And when I wake up in the morning, usually to feed Wyatt whose been poking me in the face with a paw for 37 minutes, I put them on.  And my feet stay warm.

Now, slippers would seem pointless if they didn't keep your feet warm, so why is this a big deal?  Well, because I have unusually cold feet.  Well, not feet really.  Toes.  My toes are unusually cold.  Occasionally, one or two of them will turn white.  When I get back from bike rides in the cold, they are invariably ALL white.  And I can't feel them.  Even just walking around my apartment (without slippers, of course), they get super-cold. 

And these slippers prevent that unusual turn-you-toes-white coldness.  Which is excellently awesome. 

And I don't have to wash them like I would if they were socks. 

Which is okay because I only wear them when I'm clean.

And they're so toasty.

And have pink bows.

And were only $9.99!!!!

And I love them.


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