Friday, February 4, 2011
Dear person at REI who has two different sized feet and likes socks that fit well,

Thank you for taking it upon yourself to ensure that you have one pair of socks that fit your mismatched feet perfectly.  I will rest easy tonight knowing that your feet are incredibly comfortable.  It's no surprise that you were bound and determined to acquire a pair of perfect socks.  And it's clear that the SmartWool PhD Light Running Sock, Breast Cancer Awareness version is the perfect sock.  It's also clear that you had to buy them NOW, because they were on sale for $8.95 a pair, a bargain considering the original price was $13.95, which most would consider ridiculous for a pair of socks.

What is unclear to me is why you felt the need to open two packages of these socks, take one from the medium pack, one from the small pack, and trade them, resulting in two mixed packs of socks (one of which, you put back on the rack).  I'm sure it's very important to you to have socks that fit.  Especially if you're going to spend $8.95 on them.  What I don't understand is why, being the type of person who clearly doesn't wear cheap socks, and who likely needs more than ONE pair, and seeing as these were such a killer deal, you didn't just buy a pair of S and a pair of M, and play mix and match at home.  In which case, you would have two pairs of the world greatest socks, and no one would have been stuck with your leftover mismatched socks.  No one, meaning me. 

I'll bet you buy your running shoes at a store like Dick's or The Sports Authority.  Not that there's anything wrong with those stores.  I shop at them regularly.  I also know that when you shoe shop there, they will bring you seven pairs of shoes, and leave you alone.  At which point, you, with your mismatched feet and you mismatched socks, could pick out two different sizes without a problem.  You'd probably take one of whichever shoe felt best on each foot, even if they didn't match.  But I'm sure whoever comes shoe shopping behind you ALSO wanted one blue and one red shoe.  It's the in thing now.

Again, I'd like to thank you for the mismatched socks.  You also helped me figure out what to do with my Friday night!  I'm going to spend it repeatedly putting one sock in the dryer to shrink it from a M to an S. 

The girl with two feet that are the same size, and two socks that aren't.

PS.  If you don't mind sharing, I do wonder what your solution is for that left leg that's 3 inches longer than your right..


Wheels373 said...

Wow, I just saw this post as I research how to find a store to see me a split pair of climbing for my son who has fibular diffency. Totally get your frustration, and we go to Nordstroms who split shoes, but don't sell climbing gear (which is as expected).

As an MD, I was just disappointed about your comment on leg size. My son (8) is already at that length discrepancy, but working with Shriners we have a lengthening plan for later.

It's socks and it sucks....I totally get it. Your post was not directed at my son, but I would as that you focus on the socks and not a life long disability. Feet size issues can be much more easily managed that a major leg length discrepancy.

your blog post is over five years old, so I am sure your over it, but it's new to me and thought I would just share some feedback .

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