Friday, February 11, 2011
You are never too old to go to the circus.

Really, you're not.  It's a fact.  The ringmaster told me so. 

Ringling Bro's and Barnum and Bailey Circus was in town (well, in Greensboro), and my friend Lindsay and I decided to go!  It is, after all, The Greatest Show On Earth!  And she never got a snow cone when she went as a kid.  So we had to remedy that.

We didn't have time to get dinner before heading from school to the colliseum, so we grabbed some unhealthy, delicious, priced too high but not outside the realm of reality food, and took our seats.  It wasn't too crowded because it was a Thursday night (good planning, us), but there were still tons of kids around!  It was fun to watch them get SO excited when the clowns came out before the show started :)

I wasn't very good in the picture taking arena because I was distracted.  But I snagged a few!  Sorry for the quality... it was dark, and I didn't want to use flash for fear of ticking off a very large tiger. 

These horses could dance.

He was my favorite tiger.  The big white sitting one, that is.

How do you teach and elephant to do that??

The elephants were clearly the smartest animals.
At intermission, we went on operation: snowcone.  They don't sell them in just a plain cup, so Linsday had to get it in an elephant cup.  They had them in clown cups for $1 less, but the clowns were scary.

And then, there were a series of terrifying events I would never let my children participate in, including tightrope walking, running on a giant steel rotation hanpster cage, being a huge Ukranian man, and being shot out of a human bow while on fire. 

Don't worry, there's a small inflatable air matress below them.  They'll be fine...
So, we had a super time at the circus.  I wonder if they need a doctor? 

I'm betting yes. 


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