Wednesday, February 2, 2011
As a co-president of the Sports Medicine Interest Group (student group for people interested in sports medicine), one of my responsibilities is to send emails updating people on the going-ons in the sports medicine world.  Specifically, when we are going to have talks, what events are available to be covered, and interesting things that happened that week related to sports medicine.  I thought you all would enjoy a taste of what kinds of things I send out.

This week's installment of the Sports Med interest group email was an ode to the US Figure Skating Championships, which took place in Greensboro over the last week.  While everyone seemed to escape this year relatively unscathed (I really like the word unscathed), some people have no escaped the ice with such good fortune. 

Take, for example, Olympic speed skated JR Celski.  In a race he didn't even have to race to get to the Olympics, he slid out, hit the wall, and, well, see for yourself...

And then, there's ice hockey.  Sticks, blades, pucks, and gloves fly, and you never know what they might hit...

And finally, figure skating isn't all fun and games when partners get to close...

Don't forget your suture kits!

Have I convinced you that I've chosen the best career path EVER?!?!


Well, I think I have. 


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