Tuesday, August 10, 2010
I just got home from a short shopping trip to Lowes (I make a lot of those in a week... good thing it's close by).  On the list today were a new broom (one for the inside, since the outside one is so gross), a couple spare apartment keys, and some new sponges for the kitchen sink.  I usually get the no scratch blue Scotch Brite ones... no particular reason, its just my norm.  Today, though, I was drawn to the pink ones, which I think are virtually the same, but they're pink!  For whatever reason, these sponges made me extraordinarily happy.  I don't know if it's because they are pink, or because I really get good tingly feelings when I bust out a new sponge.  But anyway, I love them.  I should have bought more, just in case they don't have the same ones next time I need new sponges. 

Check them out... aren't they sexy?

Seriously, the happy feelings came back when I got them out of the car to bring them inside, and when I took one out of the package and put it in place of the old gross one I threw away.  Who knew such pleasure could come from buying a new pink sponge?

This whole feeling of awesomeness made me think that I should write about other things that make me feel so happy.  Normal, everyday things that I just love.  Because there should always be things in your life that just make you happy.  So, I will occasionally post about something that makes me happy.  Don't be surprised if it's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition EVERY Sunday.  I love that show.  The dad's always make me cry.  Anywho, be on the look out for more simple things that make me happy.

What simple things make YOU happy?

Now, I'm off to thaw some shrimp so Betsy and I can make dinner: Cajun shrimp, mashed potatoes, and sugar peas from my mom's garden!  Which will invariably lead to more happiness for a few reasons.  1) It will be delicious, and that will make me happy.  2) I will get to use brown sauce, which tastes good and makes me think of my friend Cat from England who sent it to me, and 3) I will get to use my awesome new pink sponge to wash the dishes. 

Life is good,


Anonymous said...

Driving on gravel! I love the sound :D

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