Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Based on the overwhelming response to facebook status update (the source of all worldly truths), it has become clear to me that I am not the only one who thinks that breakfast for dinner should be at least a weekly occurrence. 

I was reading CNN while at the hospital today, and read about the nation wide egg crisis that seems to be going on.  There are bacteria in our eggs, and it's making people sick!  They are recommending that to prevent this, you cook them.  I find this somewhat less than national-crisis level news, given that every restaurant menu contains, at the bottom of at least one page, the disclaimer, "Consuming raw or undercooked meat, seafood or egg products can increase your risk of foodborne illness."  Anyway, I stray from the topic.  So I was reading this story about eggs and thought to myself, "self, I think I should have eggs for dinner!  Maybe over easy would be tasty...."  It just so happens that I have many an ingredient perfect for an egg scramble.  Yum.

I still have lots of fresh veggies that my mom brought from her barn garden (as I like to call it, some day I'll explain why), and I know I'm starting to push my luck with the shelf life of some of them... So I decided to use up some home grown green pepper and tomato, throw in some onion (from the store), a little roast beef (for some protein and a little saltiness), in addition to the necessary eggs and cheese.   Add to the side a piece of whole wheat toast with some good ole PA dutch made strawberry jam, and a glass of OJ, and it's the perfect breakfast for dinner!  Unfortunately, it's not the perfect picture of it... because I use my phone because it takes about 7 steps out of the "getting the picture onto the computer" process.  Anyway, here's the end result... minus a bite of toast!


So, Breakfast For Dinner is today's edition of Happy Things.  Because when I make breakfast for dinner I feel like I'm doing something rebellious, edgy, and practically unnatural!  Yes, I realize this may mean I need more excitement in my life.  But I don't care.  Breakfast for dinner makes me extremely happy.

What is YOUR favorite breakfast (for dinner) item?

PS. I also feel edgy eating cold pizza for breakfast... once I ate cold lasagna for breakfast and I felt like I was skydiving.


Anonymous said...

Just remember who taught you to take these risks in life. Tomorrow I am baking cookies, and I am eating cookie dough!
Love you,

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