Saturday, August 21, 2010
So Happy Things is supposed to be about things that make me happy disproportional to their role in my life...  So maybe this one doesn't fit.  Because ice cream is extremely important in my life.  But I thought that I could make an exception, because maybe ice cream shouldn't be as important as it is...

(The shadowy figure in the background it Wyatt... He wanted some, I said no, he was sad.)

My Jeni's Ice Cream arrived a couple weeks or so ago, in it's Styrofoam lined, dry ice packed box (on a 97 degree day, no less).  I put it in my freezer right away and have only broken into the Salty Caramel so far (you must understand how rich this ice cream is, and how slowly I tend to eat it... because it's pricey and not good for my heart).  I'm still not entirely sure how they fit the flavours that they do into this ice cream.  It has so much flavour that I really feel it's necessary to add the "u" to flavour, because 6 letters wouldn't do the word justice.  I'll report on each flavor as I dive into it.  There are still 5 I haven't touched.  That's a lot of happiness left to experience.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream (or other summer treat)?


Ryan said...

Thanks for ordering!

Ohio Love You.

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