Wednesday, August 18, 2010
I'm sitting on my couch, ice in place, while my mom warms up left over dessert from last night.  I will describe the dessert more later... now for the ankle.

Everything went as planned today with my ankle surgery.  They asked me about sever times what I was having done (as they are supposed to), and I said right ankle arthroscopy each time... although I was tempted to say "left ear amputation" once, and see what happened.  The anesthesiologist and I decided on general, because apparently it's pretty hard to do a regional block for an ankle joint without hitting the femoral or doing multiple blocks.  Which sounded interesting academically, but not fun in the being stuck with needles many many times department.  I'd finished telling Dr. T and the anesthesiologist how mom and I had gone for dinner and pedicures last night to celebrate out birthdays, when the nurse anesthetist came in and said, "didn't they tell you to take the polish off you toes?"  I looked terrified, silent.  The anesthesiologist said, "She's fine.  We don't need to. Don't worry about it."  She said "but we need to be able to check her circulation."  He said, "We can check her arm or something".  She said, "No, they're working on her foot."  I said, "They'll use a tourniquet.  I won't have blood supply anyway."  He said, "Yeah.  It's fine."  She said, "Well, just so you know, last time I got my nails done my big toe turned white and I had a foot fungus and hat take medication for it."  I think she was just jealous of my toes.

And that's how the anesthesiologist because my favorite.  That, and he let me listen to my heart murmur, which I didn't know I had. 

So, in surgery, the found that the osteochondral defect had pretty well been covered over with cartilage, which was excellent.  There was a lot of scar tissue that they cleaned up and Dr. T thinks it will help with the pain a lot.  I've just got a bandage (with lots of gauze), but no split.  Which is not, because that was the most uncomfortable part last time I had surgery!  I can't put weight on in until I see Dr. T on Sept. 2, but hopefully these findings will lead to a quicker recovery!  I have plans to get on the bike or swim pretty quickly. 

Anyway, I spent the day sleeping, watching TV, and eating leftovers of our dinner last night.  Let's talk more about that.  We went to Milners, a Southern Cuisine place that's supposed be fantastic.  It was.  We went after mom, Jen, and I got our pedicures!  I'll take a picture and post it at some point.  Anyway, back to dinner.  Since it was our birthdays (my mom's is actually today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!), we decided to go all out... wine, appetizer, entrees, dessert.  Here's the line up.  Sorry I don't have pictures of everything!

We started with a fried green tomato appetizer w/ basil cream cheese, tomato chutney, and country ham.  My mom got a bottle of sparkling wine from Spain and drank the WHOLE thing!  Ok, so it was a little mini bottle.  And it was delicious.  I got a New Zealand sauvignon blanc. 

For dinner, I got Moravian cookie crusted salmon with sweet potato cakes, spinach, and apple and onion slaw with a vanilla sauce.  Who knew that Moravian ginger cookies could be transformed into that???  It was fantastic...and we have plans to try the crust on sweet potato souffle at thanksgiving. 

Mom got crab cakes with asparagus and a corn succotash.  Also fantastic.  But I only had a bite so i can't comment on the details.

We both ate about half our meals and saved the leftovers so we had room for dessert!  I forgot to take pictures because we were too busy eating it, but we shared white chocolate and vanilla bread pudding, and a chocolate mousse torte.  We also ate half of those and saved the rest... which we had for dinner tonight! 

My plan is to take tomorrow off, and head back to work Friday, at least for a half day.  Mom thinks it's a bad idea, but I'm not very good at sitting around!  We'll see who wins that battle :)

Until tomorrow,


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