Thursday, August 5, 2010
My birthday was on Tuesday!  I turned a quarter of a century old... it's probably all down hill from here. 

In order to ease me through the next 25 years of life, I bought myself a present.  A wonderful, wonderful present.  Let's rewind two years...

I was working at Kutsher's Sports Academy in Great Barrington, MA for the summer between 1st and 2nd year.  I was working in the infirmary taking care of sick kids, and the infirmary was in the bottom floor of one of the main buildings, and had no air conditioning.  In addition, in the small space, I was running a small fridge, a big fridge and freezer, an ice maker, and a dehumidifier.  Needless to say, they put out a LOT of heat.  So, I was hot.  All the time.  This was conquered by eating ice cream, which I could conveniently store in my freezer.  So, my birthday comes along, and I got a box.  A Styrofoam box.  I've learned that only good things come in Styrofoam boxes.  So I open it, and what do I find but a little piece of heaven in the form of 6 pints of ice cream from my friend Cody. 

This is not ordinary ice cream, however.  This is Jeni's Gourmet Ice Cream from Columbus, Ohio.  Now I am a big proponent of high quality ice cream to begin with.  I think if you're gonna eat it, you should eat something that tastes good.  And if you've never had high quality ice cream, you will realize it's worth the extra cost.  Anywho, Jeni's ice cream trumps anything I've ever had before.  It's smooth and rich and the flavors are more important than the sweetness.  Some are simple, common flavors taken to a new level, and some are complex, odd flavor combinations you would never think would be good... but are!

So today I finally settled on six flavors (you have to but at least 4 pints, but I figure I might as well go for 6 if I'm gonna do it!) and placed the order.  It'll ship Monday, arrive Wednesday, and I'll start letting you know how jealous you all should be!  The flavors I ordered are: Bangkok Peanut, Salty Caramel, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Kona Stout, Riesling Poached Pear (Sorbet), and Sweet Corn and Black Raspberries.

Check out the link to the website for descriptions about the flavors!!


PS.  Remember the post about Waiting For the Wolf to Come?  I had one the other night in the ED... a 24 year old kid who liked to ask for IV Dilaudid, and also had a history of some pretty serious medical problems who came in with abdominal pain.  We couldn't send him home in case something really was wrong, but we certainly didn't give him all the IV Dilaudid he said he needed...


EoE Brewer said...

Awesome birthday present. Now you've made me want to walk down the street and get some fresh ice cream... Also, I like the nice new blog format.

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