Monday, August 2, 2010
Have you ever had a day where you really did nothing?  And had a splendid time doing it?!  I think those can be the best days, and I had one yesterday. 

I will preface this story by saying that everyone needs a friend who you can share a day like this with... who will spend the whole day doing really nothing with you, and you can laugh and still have awesome stories.  I've had a few of these friends through the years... you know who you are!  Right now, I have Betsy.  This was our day.

We started out planning to do something fun, new, and adventurous.  Something that, come 2.5 weeks and my ankle surgery, I won't be able to do for a while.  Horseback riding, kayaking, and hiking were at the top of the list.  We planned on picking up a couple cowboy hats, and heading to this beautiful farm to hop on a couple horses and ride clumsily into the sunset with a well-trained guide to pick us up if we fell off.  Good plan.  Unfortunately, they didn't answer when I called to make reservations AND the weather was a bit gray and shady.  So we decided to not pursue the horseback riding too heavily, and scratched kayaking because falling into the water (which we would most certainly do) would be cold.  So we settled on hiking Grandfather Mountain, a mountain we haven't been to yet, that's on the list of things to do before we leave North Carolina (ooo, I will have to post that list one day...).

So we were reading on the trusty Blackberry all about Grandfather Mountain and the things to do there, as we drove north/west towards Boone.  And then, we ascended into this.

Clearly, this isn't exactly sight-seeing weather.  We imagined that the view from the mile-high swinging bridge would not be spectacular.  But we kept forging ahead anyway! And then we got hungry.  So we stopped at Sonic and grabbed some unhealthy road trip deliciousness.  Did you know you can eat inside!?!  Well, you can.  You call the handy phone, and then they roller skate on out with your food.  It's wonderful.  Betsy called for our food...  we got the same thing.  Chicken sandwich, tots, and diet cherry limeade.  And ice cream.

When we got into Boone, there were two things we wanted to do before heading to the mountain.  We ALWAYS go to the Mast General Store in downtown Boone and get... something.  They have all sorts of outdoor gear (and great sales if you catch it on the right day!), candy, clothes, and other fun stuff.  We decided to finally tackle the candy bins on this trip!  They have barrels and barrels of it and it's all priced by weight... So you just grab a basket and fill it up.  And they have all the oldies but goodies.  Like all chocolate NECCO wafers.  PS.  Did you know that NECCO actually stands for New England Confectionery Company?!)  Anywho, we loaded up... 
So, after getting our sugar high on (we decided that they should card people... and anyone under 16 should be required to have parental approval before buying that much sugar), we headed to the Tanger outlets to see if they had a small black Coach bag for Betsy.  Naturally, we got distracted by the Banana Republic outlet, and I got a few shirts for like $12 each, and Betsy got a dress and a shirt.  THEN we went to the Coach outlet and found Betsy's bag.  I almost bought a classy black computer/briefcase looking bag that was like 70% off... but I showed restraint and didn't.  I'm still mourning.

Then, we decided to head up to the mountain and see what we could see.  The answer: nothing.  We actually didn't even make it up before driving got too scary and we turned around.  So we decided to drive home and do arts and crafts instead.  I was SLEEPY because I'd worked late the night before, and woke up earlier than I should have to... clean.  What a dork I am.  Anyway, I took a little nap on the way home.  I actually think I was awake the whole time, but maybe wasn't making a lot of sense when I was talking....

We went to Michael's and got all necessary arts and crafts supplies, and went to work.  In between painting, we made some oatmeal cookies... because I wanted to break in my new cookie dough scoop (another one of those must have kitchen utensils!).  The project is only about 30% done, but I'll be sure to post a picture when it's totally done.  I have high hopes that it will be awesome.  Here's what it looks like right now...

So, we successfully drove to Boone to eat candy, Sonic, and shop, and then came home and made cookies and half a project... and it only took us like 10 hours!  Ahhh good times. 

We're plotting another assault on Grandfather Mountain this week... hopefully it won't be foiled by the weather. 

Night shifts all week, I'll share the fun stories!



Betsy said...

I couldn't have summed it up better myself. :)

What a day!

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