Wednesday, August 11, 2010
As far as object names go, brown sauce kinda got stuck with a pretty unimpressive one.  The name doesn't contribute a whole lot to the desirability of the product.  Luckily, brown sauce doesn't need a cool name to make people want it.  It's like the guy best friend of the sauce world.  You put the brown sauce in the back of the fridge and try out a bunch of other, fancier sauces that are trendy, sexy, smooth, or low fat.  But in the end, you realize that all you want or need is the brown sauce.  You love the brown sauce.

There are many reasons to love brown sauce.  I will give you two. 

1)  It is delicious.  Not much more needs to be said.  Except I love it with mashed potato and chicken in particular. 

2)  It reminds me of my friend, Cat, who lives in England and introduced me to brown sauce.  She sent me an English care package when she got home, and it was full of all sorts of tasty goodies, including brown sauce!  Now, I have to get it at World Market.

Brown sauce makes me happy.  I think I'll go heat up some mashed potatoes and have some now.

What makes you happy?


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