Wednesday, July 28, 2010
First off, what do you think of the new design?!  It's totally different that the last one... and my first real redo since settling on a design months back.  I wanted something a little fresher, springier.  Any suggestions for improvement?  I'm sure it will get tweaked a bit in the next few days...

So onto the diet.  No, I'm not really remaking my diet.  But I was thinking today about how I should start paying attention now to what I am eating throughout the day, so that in three weeks when I'm laid up after my surgery, I won't gain like a billion pounds and become a lazy blob who will break my nice clean bikes.  Clearly that is an exaggeration.  But when I had this ankle whacked on years back, I had a hard time not eating crap.  When I can't do stuff, I get grumpy, and when I'm grumpy I eat.  You can see the road that would go down...   Anywho, I started to thinking about trying to eat more veggies than ice cream and more fruit than cookies.  So for dinner, I made a lovely salad to eat with my leftover Thai food from mango sticky rice night.  I do realize there are many croutons, and they don't count as health food... but they were getting stale so I had to use them.  Anyway, we've got arugula, tomatos, red onion, carrots, a bit of feta, and some greek dressing.  It was delish. 

And then I had some ice cream. But not too much. I love ice cream.

I've also been thinking of ways to keep in shape with one leg.  I did the same thing back in January when I hurt the ankle to begin with, and really it was an unsuccessful effort.  I jumped on one foot... did some situps... tried to ride a bike with one leg (that's a fail... they should invent one you can power with your knee...)  So I am thinking there will be lots of upper body working, and swimming a LOT when I am allowed.  In my mind, I should be allowed to swim right away.  I am the reason they invented gortex cast padding.  But they tell me it was for 8 years olds who broke their arms and can't keep it dry in the bathtub.  Bummer.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the new look!



Sarah said...

Say it with me ... pilates pilates pilates!

I was thinking about my eating habits last night.

As I was eating poptarts in bed.

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