Monday, July 26, 2010
Have you ever eaten something and thought you maybe just stumbled into heaven?  If not, you should try Mango Sticky Rice, and then get back to me.  I know you'll know the feeling.  Mango Sticky Rice is a Thai dessert made with rice,  mango, and sticky...  I think the sticky is made with what would be the equivalent of sweetened condensed coconut milk.  It's sweet, and sticky, and a little salty, and pure heaven.  Somehow, they take normal white rice, and turn it into this little patty of goodness.  Then they cover that with MORE stickyness, and then mango.  Good mango.  I don't know where they get good mango in North Carolina, but they do.  Sigh. 

And, in an effort to keep up with the medical theme of this blog, here is a fun fact of the day...

Coconut milk (the kind straight from a coconut, not the sweetened condensed sticky kind) is isotonic (google it) and makes a wonderfully fantastic rehydration solution because of it's combination of electrulytes that mimic the body's.  Translation:  I think that means I'm supposed to eat mango sticky rice at the end of races... probably every time after I exercise.  Medicine rocks.

Do you think I should post a fun fact every day?  I have lots....


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