Tuesday, July 6, 2010
So I never did get around to posting my picture from last week's WADT... Sorry!  This weeks WADT selection is one of many purchases I made this weekend while in Atlanta with Sarah and Bruce (so Bruce maybe didn't participate so much in the shopping, but he smiled graciously when we came home with LOTS of bags...).  Anyway, this dress was originally $65, and I got it for $12.  Yay me.  I also got a $99 dress for $20, and a $75 dress for $15.  The cheaper one you may see in another WADT post... the pricier one wouldn't qualify for school appropriate, but if you'd like to take me out for a nice dinner, I'm sure it might make an appearance.  I'd also like to thank my friend Elizabeth who I frequently recruit to take pictures on Tuesdays, usually right before we go to the gym! (Proof: Lockers and a loofah in the background.)

WADT delayed a week:  I had no assistance on this picture... so five attempts later, I finally got a shot using the timer with MOST of me in it...  I couldn't settle on a dress this particular morning, so I went the skirt route.  It's from Nepal, by way of a small shop in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Unfortunately, the shop has since closed (very depressing for me and my sister).  But before it did, I snagged this blue skirt with a nifty lacy bottom.  I suppose I'll just have to go to Nepal if I ever need to replace it...

I owe you a long weekend update, but I'll instead like you to Sarah's blog about it.  I'll sum it up with a bunch of random phrases.

Dunkin donuts coffee (x2), Swedish meatballs (and Ikea), KitchenAid ice cream makers are expensive, dress shopping, Vera Bradley, beef tenderloin is EXPENSIVE... but tasty, NCIS marathons, tailgating and smoked hamburgers, the Braves lost but the fireworks rocked, dude stole our cooler (more importantly Turkey Hill iced tea, Pyrex, and silicon muffin cups), we laughed a LOT, The Flying Biscuit, botanical gardens, I don't want to go home :(.

The end.


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