Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Let's start with WADT for the week.  This, sadly, may be the last WADT for a long time.  My next rotation is in the emergency department, where we wear scrubs.  Although if I don't work on a particular Tuesday, I'll probably wear a dress then.  After that, I'm doing a rotation in orthopedics, and on Tuesdays in the OR, I will be wearing scrubs, and not a dress.  Sad, I know.  But anyway, today I wore a dress that I got last year about this time for my brother's wedding rehearsal dinner!  I had no one to take a picture of me, so when I got home from the gym tonight I put it back on the hanger and took a picture.  Not great, but the best I could manage today! 

So, onto the pedicure paradox. 

I'm not what you would call a girly girl.  The fact that I wear a dress every Tuesday (and even days in between!) is probably a total shock to my mother.  I haven't had so many dresses in my closet since I was 5 and owned every color Lands End made of their white and color striped dress with a little pocket.  My hair is usually up in a pony tail, on weekends I wear sweat pants a lot, and whoever I marry better like seeing me in running clothes because I wear them a lot.  So, knowing me as you now all do very well, I will tell you about pedicures.

A couple friends and I started getting pedicures last fall at the end of each rotation.  It's a great way to relax and spruce up for the next rotation.  The first time we went, it was early fall and we all wanted something fresh and springy.  We all asked for designs, and this is what we got.  First of all, my toenail is huge... it's the one in the upper left corner.  We like to call it a blank canvas on which you could paint a mural or write the Hippocratic oath.  This picture was posted on facebook and there were a couple comments that were particularly descriptive.  "Kari's toe is like a really big awesome party with a chocolate fountain!", and "It looks like Chinese new year.  On a toe".  Since the initial pedicure, I'd say we've had four or five, and without fail I've had the most outlandish, awesome design painted on my toe.  And I love it.  For Christmas, I had a whole bouquet of poinsettias with white and silver accents.  For valentines day I had floating hearts.  When I was in Michigan, my grandma painted a long-stemmed rose with gold accents. 

So today, when Betsy and I went to get pedicures, I wanted to make sure my design lived up to the high standards set before.  Have no fear... it did.  In case you can't see it, there is a rhinestone.  I asked for a white and yellow flower.  I'd say that was accomplished.  I don't really know where they come up with the ideas for these things... it's a skill set far beyond mine.  But they never fail to impress me, and now I get to walk around with this on my toe until I mess it up or get a new one :)

What do you all do to relieve stress, celebrate accomplishments, or pamper yourself?  If you have no answer, I recommend a pedicure... and a crazy design.  



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