Saturday, July 10, 2010
My friend Betsy and I cook a lot.  We also like Williams Sonoma a lot.  So it was not surprising that we ended up in Williams Sonoma prior to a cooking expedition.  Now, I'm perfectly capable of walking into Williams Sonoma and not buying anything.  That may be due to my unmatched self control... or it might be due to the fact that I can't afford anything in there except the occasional kitchen utensil "necessity".  I bought my garlic press there... it's lime green and spring loaded and perfect.  And definitely necessary.

One particular day, Betsy and I went in without plans to buy anything (we usually go around and pick up the recipe cards!).  We were perusing the kitchen utensil area of the store when I came across some silicone collapsible measuring cups.  Necessary, because I don't actually have a set of my own (all the ones in the apartment are my roomies).  But I wasn't sold on buying THOSE...  I mean collapsible is cool, but it is necessary?  I could buy some normal, space occupying measuring cups for less.  So Betsy, being the good, supportive friend she is, said "I'll buy this red silicone basting brush if you buy those cups!"  Done deal.  As we continued to look for more things we couldn't live without, I found a DIFFERENT set of silicone collapsible measuring cups (as if one wasn't enough).  These, however, were pastel colors AND came with a free set of matching silicone measuring spoons!!! (Which, coincidentally, I also don't have).  So, clearly, I turned in the red set for the pastel set. 

And it would be enough if it ended there... But it doesn't.  I cam across a matching pastel set of mini spoonulas (spoonchula, spoonchala, I don't think there is a real spelling for this made up word...).  Anywho, there were three of them!  And they were the same colors and the cups and spoons!  How could I call my kitchen complete without them!?  So I added them to the mix.  Now I had MATCHING collapsible measuring cups, measuring spoons, and spoonulas.  Missions accomplished. 

I got to the register to check out, and said to the register man that I was getting these things because I needed some of them, and they all matched.  But I wasn't really sure what the use of the spoonulas were, I just thought they were cute.  He said they were perfect for things like getting the peanut butter out of the bottom of the jar and I was SOLD!  Maybe more necessary than the spoons and cups! 

So I hung all the matching tools on the wall, because they are just too pretty NOT to display.  And yesterday when I was making peanut butter cookies I got to use the spoonula for the first time.  Genius!  I've never saved so much peanut butter from the bottom of the jar EVER!  This utensil will probably save me tons of money just my getting the peanut butter out of the bottom of the jar!  By the time I go through, oh, 100 jars of PB, they will have paid for themselves!  I'll call it the good buy of the year.

And today, I get to go look for another kitchen appliance.  A new hand mixer!  I busted my old one last night making the PB cookies.  Quite honestly, it was an el-cheapo one from the grocery store that I got in college, and I'm surprised it lasted this long!  But armed with my monthly 20% off coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond, I'm sure I'll come home with something beautiful :)  Anyone have suggestions of the best hand mixer on the market???


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