Wednesday, July 14, 2010
One of my favorite nights of the week is Wednesday.  On Wednesdays (well most... when it's not raining, snowing, too cold, or winter when the sun sets too soon), my friend Chris and I head over to Clemmons Bike Shop for their weekly group ride.  It's really the only night that I get out and ride with a bunch of people, which is always fun to do (and a nice change of pace!).  We ride a 6 mile loop, and usually do 4 laps at a casual pace (average about 18 mph), and then people take off on the last lap and get a good sprint in.  There is a pretty broad range of skill, but for the most part everyone sticks together through those first four laps.  Tonight, I'd say we had about 25-30 people out. 

After the ride, Chris and I started the tradition of going to Chipotle for burritos, which might be the greatest tradition ever.  I love Chipotle.  I pretty much get the same thing EVERY time:  a chicken fajita burrito bowl with grilled veggies, black beans, mild salsa, corn salsa, a touch of sour cream, cheese, and lettuce.  And I almost always get Coke Zero "on tap" because it's WAY better from a fountain than a bottle... and I'm thirsty. 

Tonight I strayed from my usual, though, and got tacos with chicken, salsa, cheese, and lettuce.  They were super-delish, and hit the spot after a 30 mile ride. 

I'd also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to something very important in my life... my bike.  Well, one of my bikes.  I love them both, and will introduce you to the other soon. But tonight will be dedicated to my 2009 Trek Madone 5.2 WSD.  Non-stock on the bike as you see it here are a Clemmons bike shop seat bag that I use when I train and take off to race, Look Keo Classic pedals, a Gettysburg bike shop water bottle I picked up on a ride through the national park with my friend Dan (we had to go get a tube inflated...), a Blackburn bike computer with cadence, a couple carbon water bottle cages, and some blue handle bar tape that replaced the stock white when it became not so white. 

I bought this bike the fall after my first road racing season with the Wake Forest University Cycling Team, after working very hard for a summer and making more money than I'd anticipated.  I rode a used Trek 1500 for about a year and a half first, and it was a very good bike but didn't fit me perfectly (it was a touch small).  I would DEFINITELY recommend buying a used bike to make sure you like the sport before dropping some money on a new one.   Anyway, this bike has been one of my babies (the other are my cat Wyatt, and my Redline cyclocross bike), and I love it.  It's been dragged all over creation (and allll over the state of NC), climbed many a big hills, and even made a short appearance in Virginia during the middle of a poorly planned century ride.  I plan to keep it around a LONG time, and hope it gets some use during the spring racing season.  I missed the whole season this spring with an ankle injury, but plan on making a comeback!  

Look in the near future for a description of my Redline.. it's not photogenic enough right now because it's been well used on some dirty trails, and also needs to feature it's new wheels!

Until next time,

PS.  I MUST note that while spell checking this entry, the computer tried to correct the spelling of the word "Clemmons", and the first option of corrected spelling/right word was "chortle".  Aside from that being COMPLETELY not correct, I absolutely love the word chortle, and thought I would share.  I may have even chortled out loud. 


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