Sunday, July 11, 2010
it might look like this.

Why, you might ask, is this the mug that best portrays my life? (And why would I want to compare my life to a mug??)

Well, I'm comparing my life to a mug because I'm supposed to be editing my personal statement for my residency application, and I needed something to do to procrastinate... I settled on blogging.  And since the other things I did today to procrastinate include vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen floor, washing a wall, watering plants, taking out garbage, buying a new hand mixer (it's being shipped, so I have no picture yet), buying cat food, doing laundry, and making my bed, this mug is the most interesting thing I have to talk about.

And this mug exemplifies my life for any number of reasons.

1)  It's holds a lot of coffee.  I love coffee.  Black.  I'm not addicted, and abstain at least one day a week to make sure I don't get headaches (because I hate the idea of being addicted to something), but it's definitely my comfort food.  Which explains why I just made a pot at 9:30 on a Sunday night...

2)  It's blue and green.  Lime green.  As you can see from the color scheme of my blog, I like those colors.

3)  It was purchased (very sneakily and secretly), for me by my friend Tom the Australian.  His name really is just Tom, but he's from Australia (sad, I know, he should move here), and I have a lot of Tom's in my life.  Anyway, he came to visit for a couple weeks and we had a grand time playing tennis and eating Krispy Kremes and watching Arrested Development.  I love my friends are they are hugely important in my life, and since a friend bought this for me, it clearly exemplifies my life.  Clearly.

4)  It has a scooter on it, which has two wheels.  I'm not so much into scooters, but I do love bicycles, and since they both have two wheels, I'm going to pretend they are interchangeable in the world of mug art.  That one may be the weakest link...

5)  I have this thing about journeys.  I like to think I take a lot of them.  I saw this mug when Tom and I were in Starbucks one day, and commented on how I thought it fit me very well.  Aside from the fact that I planned and took a trip specifically called, "Experience the Journey", which could be it's own complete blog, I've taken many journeys in my life, and continue to think that each day is an opportunity for a new one.  I've taken international trips that have shaped a good part of who I am, I've had roller coaster-like relationships, I've spontaneously decided to drive 5 hours to DC or to the beach, or who knows where else.  Every day I wake up and don't know what I'm going to see or who I'm going to meet.  I love that about my life, and couldn't imagine it any other way.  "My Journey begins today" doesn't mean that all the other ones that are going on have to stop, just that there's an opportunity for something new to start.  The other day on the way home from Atlanta, I decided that someday I will write a book.  That journey as at it's VERY beginning.  Two days ago I decided I needed a new mixer (well, it decided for me by nearly imploding in my hand)... that journey ended today :)  Who knows what journey will start tomorrow.....

6) Did I mention it holds a lot of coffee???


EoE Brewer said...

Define "a lot" in units of time, pages or study questions? : )

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