Sunday, July 25, 2010
This weekend, my sister came to visit!  We have been trying to figure out how my ED schedule and her work schedule would fit so she could come visit me, and spend a little time in the rehab unit with the speech and language pathologists (because that's what she's studying).  So she and a friend drove down on Thursday night!  And my Thursday night, I mean half Thursday, half Friday morning... She rolled into town sometime after 4am (I was asleep... didn't notice).  Apparently the trip was extended because her  1996 Camry... formerly my Camry, my brothers Camry, and my dad's Camry, was turning over 300,000 miles on the way down, and it needed a proper celebration! 

This car is no stranger to celebrations... when Sarah and I drove around the country in 2006, the Camry turned over 250,000 miles in the middle of the desert in California, and we too had a proper celebration.  Here's the video...

Caitlin (my sister) and her friend Steph took it a step further with cupcakes, car window paint, and candles, which the car blew out itself with a little AC.... look for it on a Toyota commercial soon.  So, all of the stops and driving slowly so they didn't miss the change extended their trip, but they managed to make it here alive.

Friday, Caitlin spent a little time with the SLPs while I was in lecture.  Then we made guacamole for lunch and had Cookout milk shakes (a must for everyone's first trip to Winston...).  I worked Friday night and Caitlin and Steph did something that involved getting very very lost...

Yesterday, we went to Boone for some shopping and hiking!  It was hot, but not too bad...  We got some ice cream and I picked up a couple new Pyrex measuring cups... I dropped one a few weeks ago and needed to replace it.  Then we headed home and went swimming until the pool closed... the water was like bathwater it's been so hot out.  Not as refreshing as it could be, but it was still fun!

Today, we made french toast for breakfast before they left! It was delish. We covered it with berries, real maple syrup (complements of my grandparents in Michigan!) and this sweet cream cheese stuff Caitlin and Steph made (using my new hand mixer!).

Caitlin (left), and Steph (right) with breakfast... mmmmmm!

Note the journey mug from Tom the Australian and the little syrup pitched from Caitlin from Malawi!

They had to go home after a nap, and I spent the rest of the days catching up with a friend and cleaning my apartment.  A nice weekend off before working the next two in a row.  I'm sure that will come with more stories to share...

Until then,


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