Monday, December 13, 2010
Whelp, we made it to Indianapolis.  Alive.  In one piece.  But it wasn't easy.

You're going to have to wait even LONGER for snowshoeing pictures... I just don't have the energy to sort them and post the good ones tonight!  Instead, I plan on eating pudding and telling you about my day.

Last night, I was going to be productive.  But I got tired, watched The Sing Off, went to the grocery store, and then went to bed.  Wyatt and I snuggled.  He is lonely. 

This morning I took a shower, finished packing, made some breakfast, and watched Meet the Press before Keli came and got me, and we hit the road (around 11).  The first hour of the "8:30 hour" drive was rain.  Not bad, just annoying.  Then all was well for about 3 hours.  Then, it started snowing.  And kept snowing.  For awhile, it was just dry, cold snow without much accumulation.  The kind you couldn't make a snowball out of with a prayed and mouth full of spit.  Then, it got verrrrry harry for about half an hour.  We were sliding all over the road, despite Keli's excellent driving skills.  We started thinking about finding a hotel because it was just not a good idea to go on, but then things cleared up a bit, and became more manageable for the rest of the drive to Indianapolis.  It took us a little less than 11 hours to get here (with a couple short stops).  But we made it safe!

Now, we have to decide if we will be able to make it up to South Bend tomorrow for our interview Tuesday.  They are calling for a total of 1-3 inches of snow in Indy, which is totally manageable.  But they are calling for "snow squalls" in South Bend through tomorrow, with estimated accumulations around 12 inches.  I predict that the regular old sedan car we drove up here will not like 12 inches of snow.  Nor will it like squalls.  What exactly a squall is, I have not a clue.  But it sounds bad.  I am imagining lots of wind.  White out.  Not enough car snacks in the world for a white out.  I don't think we want to drive through squalls...

Now, it may clear up by midday tomorrow, and we won't have a problem... but that seems doubtful.  Very doubtful.  We considered renting an SUV for the day.  But it would need 4WD.  And maybe crampons and self-guided driving capabilities.  And a hot chocolate dispenser. 

If we can't make it (which would be sad, because I know they put lots of effort into planning these interviews!), we will chill here in Indy, walk lots of places, and go to our interview here on Wednesday. 

We can't make a game plan until tomorrow though, so I'll let you know what happens.  Either way, it may involve me buying snow boots. 

Stay warm,


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