Thursday, December 2, 2010
I took this opportunity, it being the first day of December and all, to do my seasonal blog face lift.  I think I have blog design ADD... good thing there are ENDLESS possibilities!  This new design clearly has a winter/snow/Christmas theme.  That's because winter is the best, snow is the bestest, and a white Christmas would be bester than the bestest. 

I hope you understand how much emphasis is implied by my betrayal of all rules of grammar. 

My favorite thing, in the WHOLE world (maybe...), is being outside at night in the dark while its snowing... and it's not really dark because of all the light reflecting, and it never seems late and you never get tired and can play in the snow all night.  It's just splendid.  I hope that happens to me soon.  Now that it's December, it's a realistic possibility.

December will bring all sorts of fun things...

I finish my student health rotation on Friday, and it's been great.  There has been lots of excellent learning to be had, and I feel like I've reentered the world of family medicine.  The folks at student health are great fun (and they eat a lot, which clearly I appreciate).  I'll be sad to leave.  But not TOO sad, because...

I have off from Saturday until the middle of January!  I use the term "off" lightly because the next two weeks, and at least 4 other days of the rest of it, will be spend traveling for interviews.  But don't feel TOO badly for me because...

A lot of that interview travel time will be spent in the northwest and midwest... not interviewing.  I will, however, be rehashing my supreme navigation skills, spontenaity skills, and car-snacking skills.   

I will go home at some point... before Christmas!  I don't know when yet.  I feel bad leaving the feline munchkin right after getting home from spending two weeks away.  He's a people cat, and needs some loving, not time in a kennell. 

I will be riding my bike and running... Probably a lot once I'me done traveling.  Nationals, people, nationals.  I need miles.  And those little toe warmers that go inside your socks.  My feet get so frigid.

I think I will also go to NYC to visit my friend who just moved there.  She doesn't know it yet, but if she's a good friend, she reads my blog and just found out!  If not, I plan on showing up on her door with a map of Manhatten and my walking shoes.

I think that's it for the plans right now.  It's enough, I promise.

For now, I am just basking in the smells of my kitchen, and reading a good book.  I made peppermint patty brownies, Good Morning muffins, and chex mix tonight.  It was a very productive night.   

And now I must go to bed.

Happy December!


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