Friday, December 24, 2010
When I moved into my current apartment, I had lots of things to install.  Within the first week, I hung a lot of pictures and art, a towel rack, a floating shelf, a mirror, a wine glass rack, a clothes line, and two sets of bike hooks.  To do this, I decided I needed power.

More specifically, a Fire Storm 14.4V drill with the super-big drill bit set!   

I do realize that Fire Storm is exactly the same as Black and Decker.  But Fire Storm sounds WAY more impressive.  So we're going to go with it.

I love my power drill because it makes me feel like I can fix ANYTHING!  This has proven to be completely untrue.  But I'm okay with that.  I'm pretty sure that, because I own it, I have predrilled holes that did not need to be predrilled, and put in anchors in places where anchors weren't needed.  But nothing has fallen off the wall yet, so I must be doing something right. 

I've recently found need to a saws all Sawzall, but I don't think that my 14.4V battery will support one.  I also (as of 13 seconds ago), do know that Sawzall is a brand specific name for the Milwaukee version of the "thing that can cut through anything" attachment, which I generically will refer to as the Sawzall (it's kinda like Kleenex).

I got to bust out the drill a few days ago when I was hanging my most recent arts and crafts project (post to come later tonight on that...), and it worked like a charm!  Predrilled screw holes: check.  Screws drilled too far into the wall that I had to back out by hand: check.  I'm practically a licensed contractor. 

I would also like to note the flowery hand screwdriver in the first picture.  This was a gift from my grandmother when I went to college.  She gave me a whole kit of tools (screwdriver, hammer, utility knife, measuring tape, pliers) with the same flowery print because "boys won't steal flowery tools".  How right she was!  I love busting out the flowers to get a job done.  And they work great :) 

When I move in May, I'm going to have 1) A lot of spackling to do at my old apt, and 2) A lot of new drills to make at my new place!  Good thing I already have the right tools...

If you don't have a power drill, go buy one.  I'd tell you to ask for one for Christmas, but it's a bit late for that...  Anyway, buy yourself one.  And go build something.  You will feel empowered.

The end.

Note to reader:  "Spackling" and "predrilled" are apparently not real works.  But spellcheck offered no alternative spellings, so just deal. 

The end, part 2.


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