Friday, December 24, 2010
Pride Is Forever!

I know for those of you in pain, this catchy little phrase seems totally bogus, but that's not the point.

The point is... I used it to make a sweet new medal hanger!  I got the idea from Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point, who posted (in her favorite things post) about a Pride is Forever medal hanger thing.  I decided that I either needed to throw mine away, or put them up.  They don't do any good hanging out taking up space in a drawer!

So, I decided to turn it into an arts and crafts project!  I also realized that I'm not very good at documenting "the process".  I totally forgot to take any pictures until I was done.  Sorry, my bad.  I'll describe what I did, and then show you pictures of the final product! 

I bought an unfinished wooden peg rack at Michael's for somewhere around $5.99, and a bottle of silver acrylic paint for $4.99.  I already had brushes, sponges, and black paint left over from another project earlier this year, so those were the only things I had to get! 

I wiped off the wood to get rid of the dust, and then started painting.  Let's have a brief conversation about how much paint raw wood soaks up.  Lots.  More than lots.  I think I ended up putting on about 10 coats of silver paint before there was any reasonable coverage!  It was kind of ridiculous, but ended up working out in the end! 

Then, I printed out some block lettering that said "pain is temporary, pride is forever", and (painstakingly) cut out the middle of the letters with a utility knife.  This made a rough stencil that I put on the painted wood, and marked with a pencil.  It was more of an indentation in the paint than actual writing, but it worked!  Then I painted in the letters by hand.  It only took one coat of black because I was going for a somewhat "unfinished" look (ie, not perfect).  Then I sprayed the whole thing with two coats of matte sealant.

I nailed a pair of picture hangers into the back, and then put a couple screws in the wall (16 inches apart), hung it up, and put the medals I could find up!  I think it looks pretty good!  Eventually, it'll get hung in the room where I put my bikes, but right now it's right outside my bedroom.  Here are the pictures!

I love being crafty.

Because it took so many coats of paint, this ended up being an all weekend project, most of which was spent watching paint dry.  I watched 3 NFL games, Elf, Titanic, and another movie I can't remember, so I was well entertained :)



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