Monday, December 27, 2010
Some of you may have gotten a lot of snow with this Nor'easter.  But we here in Lancaster did not.  They were calling for as much a 6-10 inches at one point, and what did we get?  An inch.  That blew away with the winds.  What a bummer!  I will hold out home for more snow this year.  It's only December, after all.

Let's rewind to Christmas.  I think this year we set a Sears family record for taking the longest to finish opening presents!  We all were up by about 8:30, and sat around drinking coffee for a while, then we opened stockings!  Betula opened her stocking first.  She looks like this, only a little bigger.

She got a harness, a leash she can't chew through, a bone, and some treats!  She was very excited!  Then I opened Wyatt's stocking for him.  He got some cool new toys and some treats!  He will be very excited when I get home!

Then we spent some more time opening stockings.  After then, we started to make breakfast, and my dad and brother went out to the hot tub for a while.  At about noon, we finished making delicious Eggs Benedict for breakfast, and ate!  After breakfast, we spent some time talking to other family on the phone, while recovering from a food coma.

THEN (it's like 1 in the afternoon by now), we started opening presents!  Which took us until almost 3:30 I think.  Then I hopped on my trainer for an hour before helping everyone else with this cool puzzle of a map of where we live my Grandma sent us!  Our house was in the middle of the puzzle!  

We had a late delicious dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, and green beans (and now there's LOTS of left over ham for cheddar chowder and ham and bean soup!

You may be wondering what I got for Christmas...

Oh, nothing much, except the worlds coolest KITCHEN AID MIXER!!!!  That looks something like this...
I couldn't take a picture of mine, because it's still in the box.  I imagine if I took it out, it would not go back in very easily, and I still have to tote it back to NC.  So for now, it must stay put.  That just gives me time to decide that the first thing I will make in it is.  Suggestions??

Okay, so that was Christmas.  Yesterday, my dad and I went up to the barn for the night.  We had nothing specific to do.  Just putz.  Putzing is the best.  First, we started a fire.  Then, we sat around while it got warm.  Maybe we took a nap.  We also watched some football.  And I made tea. 

Then, we decided to build a step stool for a girl in Job's daughters who needs a little height assistance.  I must say, we make a pretty good carpentry team.  And by team, I mean my dad knew how to do it, and I helped.  But I DID get to use a router!  I could build lots of things if I had a router....  Check out the stool-in-process...

And the nearly finished product (sans some sanding, and maybe a coat of paint or stain).

Then, we were covered in sawdust.  I've taken two showers and I think I might still have sawdust in my ear. 

For dinner, my dad made ribs on the grill and mashed potatoes.  It was delicious!  Then, I went to bed.  For real.  That's how things work at the barn. 

This morning, sadly, there was no snow outside (I was hoping for a miracle).  But there was a beautiful morning sky, a fire in the fire place, and fresh coffee (how'd that happen?!?!).  Here's what it looked like!

My coffee isn't in either of those pictures, but rest assured, it was close by.

We packed up and headed home in case there was going to be slow going because of the snow.  Since there was practically no snow, there was no slow going.  We got home just after noon, just in time for me to meet some friends for lunch and run some errands!

All in all, it was an excellent Christmas weekend! 

Hope yours was too!


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