Thursday, December 2, 2010
I was flipping through all the links on my blog after the redesign to make sure everything uploaded the way I wanted it to, and realized that on my "Things that make me happy" page, there is NOTHING under the "things that make other people happy" heading.  You can see for yourself, but don't look until you're don't reading this!

So, this being the second day of December and all, I would like to send out an plea for things that make YOU happy!  Remember, these are supposed to be the "mundane" things of life.  Not exciting things that SHOULD make you happy, but random things that you get exceptional joy out of. 

I know people read this thing... I watch the counter go up every day.  Don't pretend otherwise.  And anyone can leave a comment, even if you don't have a blog or gmail account.  So leave a comment about what makes YOU happy!  Better yet, if you have a blog, write a whole post about it, and them leave the link in a comment! 

I think that I will declare 12/2/10 as National Declaration Of Something That Makes You  Exceptionally Happy But Other People Think Is Not Exceptional Day.  In case you're wondering, I DO have the authority to declare a national day of something. 

So participate!  And then I can put them on my "things that make me happy" page under the currently empty heading, and THAT will make me happy.



Jacquie said...

Baking with you and Court (are we going to find time for that this year? I mean in the next full year?? think about that)..

my new life in DC

Reading fiction

soft yarn in pretty colors
and mostly-- watching my hubby and kids play together and surprise each other..
That 's my list for today...

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