Thursday, December 16, 2010
Curious, it might seem, since I spent the last two weeks traveling to interesting places... But I'd really love to go somewhere and NOT have to set an alarm.  Luckily, my next interview isn't until January 11th! Until then, I don't have to set my alarm AT ALL.  It will be splendid, I imagine.

To pick up where I left off on Monday (yes, I know I've been tardy), we interviewed at South Bend Memorial on Tuesday.  It kept snowing all day (it was the beautiful floaty snow), but the roads stayed pretty clear, and we headed out of town as soon as we got back to our Bed and Breakfast and changed out of suits and into driving clothes.  We headed back to Indy, and checked into the hotel next to St. Vincent's where we were staying, just in time to get picked up for dinner!  We were to a very tasty place and met a couple other residents who hail from the great state of NC!  One of them grew up in Winston, so we spent a lot of time talking about places we both knew.  I felt a little bad for the other resident who didn't know anything about NC, but she didn't mind :)  After dinner, we headed back to the hotel, and did some serious weather tracking.  Well, Keli tracked the weather, I tried to figure out why my computer wouldn't turn on...

We discovered that, very sadly, there was ANOTHER snow storm approaching :(  It looked like Wednesday was going to be clear, but on Thursday, our whole route was going to be covered in snow.  So we decided that, more than likely, we would need to leave Wednesday after our interview instead of Thursday like we'd planned.  Sad.  That meant that at some point we had to go back to the condo and get the stuff we'd left there (a cooler, some food, etc).  We decided to go Tuesday night while there was no traffic, and made it downtown (past all the old money Indy homes, which were GORGEOUS!) in about 12 minutes, grabbed the stuff, turned in the keys, and headed back to the hotel.

On Wednesday morning, our interview wasn't supposed to start until 10:30, so we got to sleep in!  I woke up at like 9 and hopped in the shower.  When I got out, something was beeping...  It sounded like the fire alarm, but I didn't smell smoke or hear screaming, so I ignored it.  Until someone came and knocked on my door and said I had to go down to the lobby.  And I wasn't wearing any clothes.  Bummer.  So I threw some clothes on, and went down to the lobby.  Keli was already there, and apparently some alarm to the boiler had gone off?  We were down there about 20 minutes before we were allowed to go back up to our rooms.  I finished getting ready and was packing up when the alarm went off again!  Really, people?  Again?  I figured the chance that the building was going to blow up was slim... so I finished packing, and brought all my stuff down to load into the car.  According to the firemen, they had time to get back to the station and put a whole load of laundry in before having to come back!  A good morning all around!  The bad part:  we didn't have time to go to Dunkin' Donuts and get breakfast :(  Luckily, the program coordinator had coffee and granola bars for us!  Problem: solved.

After the interview, we hit the road and headed south.  We missed ALL the weather, and actually made decent time.  We rolled into town somewhere around 1:30am.  And then I went to bed.

The end of the interview trail for now.

I've got some stuff to do here in NC, and next week, I'll head back to PA for Christmas!  It'll be fun.

Happy Holidays!


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