Monday, December 13, 2010
I am in South Bend, IN.  There are NOT 20 inches of snow.  The Weather Channel was wrong... by about 30 miles.  If you recall from last night, our trip to South Bend was in question, as they were predicting snow squalls and upwards of two feet of snow to fall throughout the day.  When we went to bed last night, our potential plans included driving to South Bend in Keli's car, rending a 4WD SUV to drive to South Bend, start driving and turn around if it got bad, or stay in Indy and eat more pudding.  All reasonable options, I'd say.

This morning I called the program coordinator to see what the weather was like, and she said it had stopped snowing, the wind wasn't bad, and the road from Indy to South Bend SHOULD be plowed regularly.  We called rental companies, and we couldnt' get an SUV for less than $200.  We checked the weather forecast, and predicted snow totals had decreased from 10 inches to 4... so we decided to hit the road and see what happened.  We thought about getting chains to have with us... but decided against it when we couldn't find any... we took that as a sign that we wouldn't need them.

And we were right!  There was lots of wind, and a little drifting, but not enough snow had fallen to create the white out conditions that were predicted.  We made it in UNDER the GPS predicted time, and even stopped for coffee and breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks.  We're just that good.

When we got to South Bend, we checked into our super-cute bed and breakfast (we're very sad we have to leave before breakfast in the morning!), and walked downtown for some hot chocolate!  There is a place called the chocolate cafe.  It was sweet, sweet redemption after the hot chocolate failure in Spokane.  I think we'll be stopping on the way out of town tomorrow for some more...

Then we got ready for dinner, and headed out to a new place by Notre Dame's campus with a few residents.  It was an excellent time.  Great food, good looking dessert (I didn't eat it yet... I was full... it's sitting in the corner of my room), good company, and lots of information about what seems like a great program!  I'm excited... they have a whole sports medicine institute!

Tomorrow will be an early morning, then we head back to Indy for another interview and the drive home.  More weather watching...

Right now, we are watching more The Sing Off... because we like it.

Oh, and I have a king size bed tonight.  That's super exiting.



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