Monday, November 29, 2010
I have a presentation I need to finish tonight.  But when I look at PowerPoint for too long, my eyes start to bleed.  So I am taking a break to tell you about how I roll...

On my cyclocross bike, that is.

I spent a lot of time looking for an affordable set of wheels to replace the stock ones my cyclocross bike came with.  It was necessary to replace at least the front wheel because, well, it had a little run in with my rear bumper and the underside of my car...  Let's just say it was slightly beyond truing by the time I pulled it out.  So I spent time scouting out a few brands that would be affordable (and by that, I mean affordable on a medical student's budget... it's a different kind of affordable).  When all was said and done, I had narrowed it down to two companies: Neuvation Cycling and Revolution Wheel Works.  In the end, I really only chose Neuvation because of the price point.  Revolution Wheel Works is an INCREDIBLY good deal for the quality of the product you get, I just didn't have quite enough cash.  Neuvation turned out to be an excellent second choice, and for the money it's hard to beat!

I wanted a set of wheels that were durable (this is for a cyclocross bike, after all), relatively light weight, warrantied, not atrociously ugly, and affordable.  I went with the M28X Aero set:
I must say, I can't say a whole lot about these yet because I haven't put many miles on them!  They're true, which is an improvement over the old ones :)  And they've stayed that way despite being thrown over some pretty significant bumps in a field.  They're definitely lighter than the old ones, although I didn't need super-lightweight given my bike and I can both lose some weight in other places for less money. 

The reservation I had in buying these wheels was that there were a few reports of cracked rims sooner than would be expected.  I did invest in the insurance for them (for $10 a wheel, it'll be worth it I imagine), which guarantees replacement or repair for any damage, including caused by crashing. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with them so far, and plan to put some more miles on soon to give them a good test!  I'll let you know if I have any problems with them, but I certainly don't anticipate any!

Ride on!


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