Wednesday, November 3, 2010
I love organization.  I don't necessarily always get there, but when I do, it's bliss.  And anyone who likes organization knows that you need certain tools to accomplish it.  These can range from fancy electronics to new shelving units to lots of hooks to, in my case, yellow legal pads. 

For whatever reason, when I make lists, they get done faster when written on a yellow legal pad.  Now, there is no randomized, double blinded study to prove this claim.  But I know if there were, it would show the same thing.  My productivity goes up when the things I need to do are displayed on lined yellow paper. 

Sometimes, I forget this.  I pretend it isn't true, and spend a fruitless few months writing things down on post-it notes, in my outlook calendar, or plain old white paper.  You'd think by this point, I'd learn.  And eventually, I wander back to my true love, the yellow legal pad.  And I am once again a productive person. 

Do you see this list?  See how many things are checked off?  Some of those things have needed to be done for MONTHS!  And then they made it to the yellow legal pad, and got done.  Magic.

You see the shopping list?  See how there's nothing on it?  That's because I put grocery shopping on my list, and it got done!  Now, I have nothing to shop for. 

Ahhhhh, satisfaction. 

I'm off to finish checking off the last few things on the list... before adding more to the bottom.  Funny how that always seems to happen.

What do YOU use to organize your life?

PS.  This "Things That Make Me Happy" post could also be about espresso glazed walnuts, because they are life changing.  But I always write about food.  Just keep them in mind.  Life changing.


Anonymous said...

SAME! I always wish that I had yellow legal pads for to-do lists! In fact, I think I might go get one so that I can hopefully complete my mile long list that has been accumulating since June... But I think I'll get a smaller, white one :)

Kari said...

WHITE!?!? Unacceptable. Small is okay though.

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