Thursday, November 25, 2010
Ahhh, the traditional American past time of having breakfast for dinner.  It's a pretty much fail-proof way to satisfy all hungry parties (ie: me) with little thought... and somehow even if there is no food in the house, you can always manage to scrounge up stuff to make pancakes or eggs. 

That was my plan, anyway.  I whipped up some pumpkin pancake batter and a couple scrambled eggs with cheese.  It looked delicious. 

Unfortunately, while my pans were sitting in the sink after I washed them, the hand soap fell into the sink and apparently spilled all over... everything.  I didn't notice.  Until after I'd cooked all my food, put it on the plate, and started eating.  And ate soap.  Seriously disappointing. 

I tried, very hard, to eat around the soap.  But the effort was futile.  It was destroyed.  And I threw it away and ate tuna. 

The tuna was not as good as brinner :(


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