Sunday, November 14, 2010
Usually, when I go out of town for a few days, I make sure someone checks in on Wyatt and feeds him (he gets wet food, spoiled bugger), so he doesn't get too lonely.  He's a people cat... yes, I know that is abnormal.  That's why I like him. 

This time, I decided to give him some food and water, and see how he did for four days.  I could hear him meowing through the door before I even got to the bottom of my steps.  I was impressed that he hadn't really destroyed anything though!  Nothing was knocked over to scratched up, and the only thing he's decided to play with that wasn't a toy was a pair of sterile gloves I'd left on my desk.  They were a size 8 anyway.  He can have them.

But I did notice that he started chewing on his tail again, which he only does when he's in some sort of distress.  And, as soon as I sat down, he did this:

I think it's gonna be a long interview season for the poor fellow.


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