Saturday, November 13, 2010
Well hello there everyone!  Before I dive into today's gear post, I want to recap my so-far fantastic weekend! 

It started Thursday night when I hit the road right after work (and a crazy day it was...  literally.  I'll write about that another day!), and headed for Charlotte.  After a couple navigation snafu's, I found my way to the hotel I was staying at for the night, and met up with my fellow applicants for a night before interview dinner at a mexican place called Cantina.  Any place that makes fresh guacamole at the table is a winner in my book!  Then Friday, I went to CMC to interview, and then hit the road to Atlanta.  You can read yesterday's post for the description of how THAT went.  I'm glad I got here alive.  For the rest of the weekend details, head over to Sarah's blog!  She does a much better job of describing (and photographing!) the details than I do.

Okay, now onto the gear part of the show.  Today I'm going to tell you about shoes.  Not just any shoes, but Keen shoes!  When these little gems first came out, the most popular model by far was the sandal (Newport).  Lots of people thought they were ugly, but when they tried them on, found them to be just too comfortable and functional to pass up!  I tend to agree, and have since added two pairs to my repertoire of gear.  Here they are:
This is the classic Newport (nylon strap version).  I love these shoes because they are extremely sturdy (vibram sole), have a nice little toe cap for protection, have a great lace/closure system to keep them secure, and have cool nylon straps with plenty of space for breathing.  I have worn these bad boys all over the world and they have never failed me.  I will admit that they just don't fit some peoples feet, so definitely give them a good try on before you buy them!  Here are some examples of where they have taken me...

 They made it to the top of a pyramid in Mexico, and to the top of a mountain in Lesotho.  Talk about durable.

These are the Keen Genoa Peak waterproof hiking shoe.  I got these when I was going to the US/Mexico border, and the info packet I got stressed about 17 times that you MUST bring hiking boots.  I figured they'd get miffed if I just brought my other Keen's, and I knew that if I got these, they'd get tons of use in their lifetime.  I was right.  I love them for a lot of the same reasons I love the others.  They have a sturdy sole, toe cap, and are also waterproof (tested... it's true), easy to clean, and are just high enough to give a touch of ankle support without being bulky.   They've been in snow, sleet, rain, dessert, mud, and anything else you can think of, and have come out with a couple scratches and not much else. 


Here they are at the top of grandfather mountain during a lunch break, and they also are excellent at making snow angels (at Mt. Mitchell).  Seriously, what would I go without them??

Keen makes a full line of outdoor appropriate shoes, as well as some casual shoes.  Based on my experience, they are excellent quality, and do what the company says they can do.  I would recommend a pair of Keen's to anyone looking for a great outdoor shoe useful for a variety of activities!

And remember, if the feet ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.


Jacquie said...

I cannot agree more! I am still wearing my beloved, beloved, two pairs (one of which you hooked me up with)... They have been to every continent I have been to... and honestly-- I am still shocked at how great they have held up. LOVE those Shoes (but-- one note-- the little kid ones don't last-- either that- or I have particularly difficult little kids- they tore thiers up in a single summer). :) Love ya Kari...

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