Monday, November 8, 2010
Hallelujah!  I will once again be able to watch The Today Show.  At least for a month or so.  My new rotation started today, and I found out my hours will be a comfortable 10-6.  10am??????  In burn unit time, by then I would have already gotten to the hospital, changed into scrubs, seen all out patients, gotten coffee, gone to conference, eaten breakfast, and been in the OR for like 2 hours. 

I am confident with a start time of 10am, I will actually be able to be productive in the mornings before heading to work.  I can do the normal evening tasks like dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc.  All that can be done while watching The Today Show!  I do realize that July marks the end of my Today Show watching... basically forever.  So I plan to soak up every minute of it while I can.  It also means that I can potentially run in the mornings BEFORE turning on my morning entertainment.  Ahhhhh, bliss. 

I'm very excited. 

In addition to The Today Show, this month will bring Thanksgiving, and three interviews.  It's gonna be busy!

But I like busy.


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