Sunday, September 19, 2010
I have a little patio.  It's just barely big enough to fit a table and four chairs, but they are so comfy (even though they are like 20 years old...) I just can't give them up.  I try to grow plants, but over the summer, I was busy, and fell down on the watering part of gardening.  I do have a bird feeder, which I keep full of seed... although sometimes the birds stay away because one week Wyatt spent a lot of time outside, and the bird population decreased by two...  He lost his outside privileges because I felt guilty baiting the birds.

So anyway, I looked out on my patio on Friday afternoon, and realized it looked sad, and dead.  And since fall is my FAVORITE season, and I like to sit outside when it's cool, and I like fall colors, and I needed a good way to spend my Friday night, I decided to give it a face lift. 

Here are some pictures of before the face lift...

Dead plants... and part of the table.

Table, and more dead plants (including my dead tomato plant).

Storage door, storage tub, sliding door.

There are a few chives still alive in there... although Wyatt may have eaten them.

View from the apartment... drab, drab, drab.

See why it needed a face lift?  So I ventured out to a couple stores to see what I could hunt down that would be 1) seasonal, 2) festive, 3) colorful, and 4) low maintenance.  It was a fun shopping trip.  Here's the loot in the shopping cart, and on my living room floor.

It definitely took up more space than my groceries.

It looks little... What will it become?!?!

It was already getting dark by this point, but I was on a mission... so I forged ahead.  The plan was to turn as many existing things into something prettier, and then deal with the rest of the empty planters later.  I was working very hard, and only took one picture during the remake process...

I wove swirly twig things through the tomato cage, and then wove flowers through that...

In the end, I was quite pleased with how it turned out!  I'm not quite done yet... I'm going to get some gourds and pumpkins (which are gourds, but that's beside the point...), but want to get them at the farmers market, and I didn't make it there yet.  But I will.  But this looks MUCH more like a place I will want to sit outside and drink coffee...

Left side... still a little dull, but waiting for gourds!

Right side, with my giant flower project that took like 3 hours!

Giant flower thing, close up.

Centerpiece close up.

Candles close up, in pretty fall colors!!

Mini pumpkins in a little bucket, with a bow!

My new basil plant from the apple festival!  Apparently, it will survive until first frost, which will be a while considering it was 92 degrees today.

View from the apartment.  I would like to note how CLEAN the glass is... because I cleaned it for the first time ever.  My apartment is much lighter inside...

Okay, so send me your suggestions for how I can put the finishing touches on it! 

In other weekend news, Sarah was here for the night, and we made good use of our time!  We ate Chic-fil-A, went to an apple festival, went shopping, had coffee, saw Eat, Pray, Love, made dinner, made homemade Take5 bars (ummmmm, delicious), watched football, fell asleep on the couch, drank Ethiopian coffee, made eggs for breakfast... then Sarah had to leave to go take pictures at a friends Ordination (Sarah, is that supposed to be capitalized?), and drive back to Atlanta.  Bummer.  Anyway, I went to Lowe's to get potting soil and cleaning stuff, did dishes and laundry, made granola bars, and roasted broccoli, planted my basil, mounted a bike headlight (for nighttime cyclocross), rode my trainer, did some reading, went to Target.  All in all, it's been a supremely productive and enjoyable weekend... except for the 90 degree weather.  But at least I can look outside and pretend it feels like fall!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!!!!


PS.  I have 4 interviews!!!  First one will be in November sometime.  I'm excited.   


Sarah said...

I'm not sure it has to be capitalized. But it looks more official that way.

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